18 comics

4 worlds

a trip through space and time

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NORM is a collection of four beautiful worlds, created with ink and watercolours – entirely by hand. It is an artistic collaboration and mix of two very different hand styles. 

NORM supersedes the conventional comic. Each world is represented on a long foldable Leporello, which is to experience by everyone individually.  

NORM`s trip is documented by single page comics. Despite that, every story is somehow connected.

MAKE norm a reality!

We want to print and publish our comic book. With the help of our publisher Lucia Verlag we will be able to distribute our first edition to bookstores around the world!

Creating these stories made fulfilled us in a way that no other work has, which is why we want to put all of our effort into continuing doing what we do! Life is brief and we would like to spend our time making beautiful art.

If you are interested in helping promote our comic, we will mail you 20 hand-drawn cards that you can give to your friends!
Drop us a line at ralumine.art@gmail.com or check out the Instagram for updates!

the story behind norm...

NORM's story started to take shape in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

We had been hitchhiking and our ride dropped us off on the outskirts of the city. We had a long walk ahead of us, through fields of wheat and sprawling suburbs. During our trek back, we began a conversation of creation. We felt like a comic would be the best medium to record the world around us.

When we finally arrived back in Germany, we started to plan and sketch our pages. Our two styles began to melt into one new form of expression, and then all of a sudden we had a book in our hands.

We want to share our collected thoughts and ideas in an entertaining way.

To us, art is a subversive action which dissolves NORMalcy.